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Your Recordings Mixed By An Experienced Mixing Engineer

Whether you can afford to record your tracks in a professional recording studio or if you choose to make your album in the comfort of your own home recording studio. At you can upload your multitrack recordings and have your songs mixed by an experienced mixing engineer.

At online music mixing, each of your songs will get the attention it deserves by an engineer whose discography includes work by musical acts such as Presidents Of The USA, Sir Mix Alot, The Blakes, Recess Monkey, Brandi Carlile, OK GO, Robert Fripp, Buffalo Death Beam, Damien Jurado and many more. Proven mixing techniques coupled with select pieces of analog outboard gear will make your songs come to life. I will work with you to make your studio or home recordings sound exactly the way you hear them in your head.

Upload Your Tracks

I can open your recorded tracks from ProTools, Logic, Garage Band, Audacity and more. I can also walk you through the process of bouncing your tracks down as separate files for each track to upload. You have the option of either using the secure online upload system or good old fed-ex or usps to send your multi-track masters. The upload system is as easy as drag and drop.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try online music mixing at no risk. You only pay for your mixes when your songs are finished and you are 100% happy with the way your tracks sound.

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